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The D&B Global DecisionMaker application has been designed to allow you to deliver accurate decisions in seconds, enabling you to minimize risks and capture more profitable opportunities while reducing costs. Simply, set your own decision strategy within D&B Global DecisionMaker by customizing the risk policy rules so that automated transactions take place, only if the decision meets your determined level of risk.

By selecting "Company Search" and then entering company and transaction information as prompted, you will receive a virtually instant decision on whether to complete a transaction based on the risk policy rules you set (or a default if none are selected). You can also do further research on a company by selecting one of the other D&B information products.

The D&B Global DecisionMaker application is your tool for conducting transactions easily and confidently. D&B Global DecisionMaker is brought to you by Dun & Bradstreet, the most trusted source for information you need to make your business a success.

For more information, see the D&B Global DecisionMaker Online Users Guide.

Last Updated: 09-Oct-2015
D&B Global DecisionMaker v5.0
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